2012 Financial Report

2012 was a challenging year again for the financing of the club, mainly due to the amount of money paid out on the reopening of our pitch.

finance reportIn total, close to €180,000 has been spent up in Brabazon Park over the last number of years in order to guarantee ground conditions that can be used all year round and to have facilities that we can be proud of.

Grants were received from both the National Lottery and the Connacht Council but these only went some way to alleviating the costs involved. Swinford GAA club have been very active in the community in the last number of years fundraising in order to meet the various costs for the reopening of the pitch and also the running costs of the club which are a minimum of €50,000 per annum.

The main source of fundraising in the last couple of years has been the club draw which will have paid out €30,000 in prize monies for the two years it has been running. We are very grateful to each and every person who has bought a ticket for this draw and they can rest assured that their investment in the club has been spent wisely and our pitch and related facilities is testament to this. We will be running a new draw in 2013 and would be very grateful of the public’s support again so that the club can push forward in a positive way over the next number of years.

We would also like to especially thank our club sponsor, Treanlar Catering who came on board in 2012. They contribute in a significant way to the club, in many different ways. Its great to have a successful local business reinvesting in the local community.

The accounts for the year showed a small deficit but as noted this can be explained by the once off pay outs made on the pitch in 2012. The club has a relatively small level of debt when compared to the amounts of money spent over the last number of years. We would hope to clear all the bank debts in the club over the next 3 – 4 years.

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