Dublin Pride Parade


The Dublin Pride Parade takes place on 29 June 2019 and as you will be aware from previous media coverage an tUachtarán John Horan announced that for the first time the GAA will officially participate in this parade.

The attached letter is for general circulation and seeks to draw attention not just to our participation but to indicate and publicise that we invite our members and their families to join together and walk under the GAA banner at the parade.  Our colleagues in LGFA and Camogie have also been invited to walk under the GAA banner at the parade.

Any person walking in the parade must wear the parade wristband, which we will provide for them. If those wishing to walk with us apply to genderdiversity@gaa.ie we will make contact with them and inform them of our meeting up arrangements etc and how they will be supplied with their wristband.

I would appreciate if you could circulate the attached letter to relevant Committees and units in your County so as to bring this to their attention.

The email address for all correspondence relating to the GAA’s participation in the parade is genderdiversity@gaa.ie.

Many thanks


Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichíl
Child Welfare and Safeguarding Manager
Bainisteoir Cúraim agus Cumhdaigh Leanaí

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