Intermediate Championship Playoff Swinford v Tourmakeady


Intermediate Championship Relegation Playoff

Swinford maintained their Intermediate status for 2018 with a three point win against Tourmakeady in the relagation playoff played in Bekan on Saturday evening,

Tourmakeady opened the scoring but this was the only time they led in the game as Swinford equalised through Kevin McShea and once they extended their lead with a point from Michael Prendergast they kept for the lead for the rest of the game. Points from a free from Liam Moran, Mark Forkan and one from play by Liam Moran extended the Swinford lead as Tourmakeady kicked a number of wides. A quickly taken 45 led to another point from Liam Moran and James Sweeney extended the Swinford lead to 6 points. Just before the break Tourmakeady got their second point to leave the game at the interval Swinford 0-7 Tourmakeady 0-2.

Tourmakeady got the opening point of the second half before a free kick for overcarrying by the goalkeeper allowed Jack McDonnell to open his account. Tourmakeady cancelled this out before a great run by Mark Forkan allowed James Devaney to get a score. At this stage all six of the Swinford forwards had scored. Jack McDonnell added another free that was wiped out by a soft free to Tourmakeady. Points from Kevin McShea, Liam Moran and Jack McDonnell pushed the Swinford lead out to 8 points.

The game appeared to be getting away from Tourmakeady but three points and then a goal brought it back to a 2 point game and a very nervy finish. Kevin McShea got a crucial point and try as they could Tourmakeady could not breach the Swinford resolute defence.

The game ended Swinford 0-14 Tourmakeady 1-8. After surviving the last few years Tourmakeady go down to the Junior ranks while Swinford have a lot of work to do for 2018 though its a very young team and under the management of Tom Byrne can surely get back to the top levels of club football.

Swinford Aaron Kinsella, Aiden McLoughlin, Sean Brady, Alan McLoughlin, James Lavin, Mark Forkan, Joshua Smith, Johnny Burke, Michael Walsh, Michael Prendergast, Kevin McShea, Liam Moran, James Devaney, Jack McDonnell, James Sweeney Subs Barry Brennan

Scorers Liam Moran 0-4, Kevin McShea, Jack McDonnell 0-3, Michael Prendergast, Mark Forkan, James Sweeney, James Devaney

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