Peil Abú Comes to Westport

Retired from competitive GAA? Looking for some new activity which is fun? Never played any GAA before? Then Peil Abú could be for you.

The game is aimed at both men and women that don’t play competitively, or indeed who have never played GAA at all at any level. It is effectively tag-Gaelic football where physical contact is not allowed.

Come and Try It taster sessions will take place over the next two Wednesday evenings 16th & 23rd May at Westport GAA Astroturf facility Newport Rd from 8pm – 9pm each evening. This is a recreational football game designed by the GAA and ran in conjunction with Mayo Sports Partnership.

The rules are quite simple, it’s basically Gaelic football but once players are tagged, they must turn over possession. Scores, solo-running, hand passing and the pick-up can be altered to better suit the needs of the players. It’s also a fantastic way of working up a sweat!

This game should appeal to guys who have retired from the competitive side of GAA and are looking to get active, meet some old friends and have a bit of fun
Mayo GAA Games Manager and Swinford Junior Manager, Billy Mc Nicholas

Indeed as part of the Westport Get Out There Adventure Festival it is planned to have a mini Peil Abú blitz on Saturday 26th May from 4pm – 6pm at the superb Westport GAA facility.

We are delighted to support this recreational activity which is open to all. The activity links in perfectly with the “Get Out There Festival” which promotes Westport as a top destination for the outdoor life
Mayo Sports Partnership Sports Co-ordinator, Charlie Lambert

Participants must be over 18 and need to be in possession of a tracksuit and runners! All tags, bibs and additional equipment will be provided on location.

To register your interest or to find out more about the initiative contact Mayo GAA Peil Abú co-ordinator Eamonn O Malley at 087 1360936.

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