Update on All Ireland Final Tickets


Here is an update in relation to All Ireland Final Tickets.

As stated in previous messages the club will not be able to satisfy anything close to demand. If you are successful in getting a ticket we will contact you to arrange payment and collection. It wll most likely be towards the end of next week. It will not be possible to get back to everybody who has requested a ticket so if you do not hear from us you have not be successful.

The club has received an initial allocation of 80 tickets been 40 stand and 40 terrace from the county board. On payment of €2,000 to the county board we were able to buy an additional 40 tickets been 14 stand and 26 terrace.

There may be a second allocation next week but right now we have no idea if there will be or how many there will be.

When the club closed its list for All Ireland Football Final Tickets last Saturday there were requests in excess of 230 tickets. As you can see from the maths there is going to be a lot of people who are unsuccessful.

If you have requested a ticket from the club and are successful in obtaining a ticket elsewhere please let us know.

Priority will be given to our members, players, coaches, sponsors and the supporters of our annual club draw. Outside of this there is no chance of getting a ticket from the club. We will not even be able to satisfy all our members, players, coaches, sponsors etc. There willl be no multiple tickets. Also we are quite restricted with stand tickets so please be understanding.

Thanks. Maigh Eo Abu

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